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Using Google for Research

HT to the UH Law Library site – Nota Bene on this great resource for some really good research advice on how to use Google to do complex research – A very important skill for debate.

So here’s the long and short of my take – you have to experiment with your process but you should just keep using your search tools until you find the methods that work for you.

Dan Russell, who works for google, argues that to be a real search expert you need to have 8 skills:

1. Know what’s possible to ask
2. Use more than 1 resource
3. Understand language
4. Understand concepts of genre & media
5. Know capabilities of tools
6. Know the structure of information
7. Able to search for tools
8. Know how to use different media types
9. Links to resources you should know about

Google-cheat-sheet-7.5X9-updatedRussell’s site also has this fantastic cheat sheet to help with finding the advanced search capabilities of google quickly.


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