Lab Questions

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30 thoughts on “Lab Questions

  1. Sarah Spring says:

    What is a jargon?

  2. Phoenix Wright says:

    What is the best way to comically refute an argument made by the opponent?

  3. Jason says:

    What kind of kritiks to do you recommend to us to run next year?

  4. Ajith says:

    How much will I learn in this lab about kritikal debate?

  5. Bob says:

    How will partners work in lab, are they pre-set or do we choose?

  6. Anderson Wey says:

    Is it a bad idea to run a Kritik?

  7. Jeff Smith says:

    Exactly what is Ashtar? Is it the random aff about blue&gray aliens and reptilians?

  8. Grant Hall says:

    How many debate tournaments have everyone gone to?

  9. Anonymous says:

    What is the best alternative for the Cap K?

  10. Phoenix Wright says:

    Colin is the best because of the rockin beard

  11. Anderson Wey says:

    Is permutation used whenever you want a little bit of the CP with the plan? If you decided to use the counterplan, wouldnt you be conceding that the counterplan is correct?

    • Joshua Gonzalez says:

      I suppose it is correct that you are conceding that part of the CP is correct, BUT – as we will learn when we cover counterplans – just because a counterplan is correct isn’t a good enough reason for the negative to win the round. Remember that the negative has to prove two things:

      1. The counterplan is a better idea than the plan or a combination of the two

      2. The counterplan must be competitive – in short, it has to be a reason to NOT do the plan. If it wasn’t, it would be too easy for the neg to say “instead of doing the plan, why don’t we just mandate world peace?” The neg would always win!!

  12. just wondering says:

    Does Colin have a girlfriend?

  13. Canada4Lyfe says:

    If the US weaponized cancer to kill Chavez, will we do it to other leaders like Stephen Harper?

  14. Pratyusha Manthena says:

    Why does reject the aff solve?

    • Grant Peretz says:

      I would also like this question answered.

    • Joshua Gonzalez says:

      Honestly, it doesn’t. But people win on it a lot. Why?

      1. It almost certainly doesn’t solve the affirmative. It rejects it. While I suppose that it’s possible that it could solve the aff harms in some other way, that’s also pretty unlikely.

      2. The negative is likely to claim that the act of rejection of the aff is part of some larger struggle/broader rejection of something else of which the aff is part or with which the aff is complicit. The negative will often argue that this larger act of rejection solves something (typically the links/impacts to the K). Of course, this raises the question of why the aff needs to be rejected, hence the perm-solvency double-bind, which we’ll discuss in a good deal more detail tonight and other the next few days in lab.


  15. Grant Hall says:

    Why does CAP K/Communism work?
    Talked about in class

  16. Anderson Wey says:

    How do you do a good cross x? What questions should I ask?

  17. Anderson Wey says:

    Is it possible to win that it is legitimate to sever the reps of the 1ac?

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